Senior / Staff Infrastructure Engineer

About Factory

Factory is building reliable, autonomous Droids that help engineering organizations ship product faster. As an early member of the Factory team, you will be joining a generational company at the ground floor.

  • Work directly with our founders and top-tier team that has played crucial roles at institutions like HuggingFace, Nuro, Google, Meta, Microsoft and more
  • Broad and eager customer base, including two public companies
  • Competitive salary and generous equity compensation
  • Backed by the best and building with the best, redefine the way software is developed
  • Design, build, and maintain our cloud infrastructure using tools like AWS, Docker, and Terraform
  • Collaborate closely with our entire product team to understand and meet infrastructure needs for new features, research capabilities, and emerging customer requirements
  • Implement and optimize CI/CD pipelines, improving the efficiency of software development lifecycle
  • Ensure the security, scalability, and reliability of our infrastructure, focusing on monitoring, troubleshooting, and incident response
  • Continually enhance performance and implement infrastructure automation
  • Have meaningful experience building and managing scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure, ideally in AWS
  • Proficient with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools like Terraform
  • Experience with containerization technologies, particularly Docker
  • Knowledge of AWS services like VPC, EC2, and Amazon RDS
  • Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines and practices, specifically with GitHub
  • Understanding of network principles and security best practices
  • Comfortable working in a version-controlled environment using Git
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new technologies quickly and independently
  • Passionate about troubleshooting and solving complex technical issues
  • Demonstrated passion for start-ups or early-stage companies
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