Announcing our $5M fundraise from Sequoia and Lux to Bring Autonomy to Software Engineering

Software is the foundation of modern society. But creating it remains a bespoke, confusing, and largely unmanageable process.

As software is built and companies grow, organizational structure and engineering practices become inconsistent. Systematic problems in the software development lifecycle become missed deadlines, outages, and unhappy end users. Brilliant engineers are diverted from building features to fighting fires.

Machines – once mere tools –  can now think, learn, and adapt. This transformation allows for a new paradigm of engineering. An opportunity to bring order to the chaos of software engineering, at scale. But, as currently implemented, AI tools work only when prompted. We are changing that.

Factory’s mission is to bring autonomy to software engineering.

More concretely, we help organizations optimize and automate their software development lifecycle. We do so through autonomous, AI-powered systems called Droids. Droids help organizations systematically ideate, plan features, solve bugs, write tests, review code, and write documentation.

While many AI tools focus on helping individual developers write lines of code with autocomplete, Factory is focused on fully automating organization-wide processes. Knowing every feature will be properly specified, reviewed, tested, and documented, provides engineering leaders with peace of mind and frees engineers to work on their more interesting challenges.

Right now, engineers at top-tier organizations are using Droids to significantly improve their product velocity and save thousands of hours of engineering time. Short term, Factory allows developers to offload tedious engineering tasks to their Droids. Long term, we are building a world where software development itself is an accessible, scalable commodity.

Starting there, we hope to be a beacon of the coming age of creativity and freedom that on-demand intelligence will unlock. Before we do so, plenty of hard work lies ahead.To that end, we’re thrilled to share that we’ve raised a 5M seed round, led by Sequoia and Lux, with participation from SV Angel, BoxGroup, Ali Ghodsi, Clem Delangue, Gokul Rajaram, and others.  

If you are relentlessly ambitious and hungry to work on the highest leverage technology in history, join us.

Droids are ready to automate your SDLC