Factory Raises $15M Series A from Sequoia

We are excited to announce our $15M Series A led by Sequoia Capital, with participation from Lux Capital and Mantis VC. This brings our total funding to over $20M and values Factory at $120M. This funding will be used to further our ambitious mission, grow the team, and improve the Droids.

Over the last year, we have been growing at breakneck speed. We have built out all of Factory’s Droids {Review, Test, Code, Knowledge, Project, Document} to production scale. Each Droid now actively plays a critical role in accelerating the software development lifecycles of our customers. In turn, we have doubled our customer base month over month to include incredible engineering organizations like Bubble, Nav, Podium, Stord, and more.

At the same time, we have achieved fundamental breakthroughs in orchestration, retrieval, and planning. Our Code Droid has set the new State-of-the-Art on SWE-bench, an AI coding benchmark. This demonstrates that Factory’s Droids are the most advanced autonomous AI systems — defining the bleeding edge. Read more in our Technical Report.

While Factory has grown, our mission remains the same: Bring Autonomy to Software Engineering. We are building the Droids to automate away the tedious work from software development. More time. Better code. Faster cycles.

If you are a relentlessly ambitious individual, if you have demonstrated unreasonable aptitude for solving difficult problems, and if you are looking to revolutionize the way software is built, join us. The Factory must grow.

Droids are ready to automate your SDLC